DB DAO is a protocol for community owned databases.
Decentralized apps will run on decentralized databases. DB DAO makes each database a DAO and each row in a database an NFT.
As a database monetize, those that contributed to it are rewarded.
DB DAO is a new protocol to incentivize contributions and allow for structured web3 data to be stored and queried.
Get started building a dapp with DB DAO. Fork the white label app on github to get started.
  • Each database is managed by a DAO (gnosis multisig)
  • Each row in a database is an NFT (ERC-721)
  • Data curation and incentives in stablecoin (USDC)
  • Final resolution of data on distributed filesystem (IPFS)
  • Columns in a database can be encrypted (Lit Protocol)
  • Drop in replacement for web2 ORM databases (Prisma)
  • (soon) ZK proofs to verify queries in the cache